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Categories: JavaScript

Language : ENG Duration : 17:44:15 Videos : 125 Author : Udemy

Begin your journey from a beginner in JavaScript to creating awesome web apps and websites! Start your Javascript career today! Javascript is the most popular programming language in the world! This course is ideal for those who want to start frontend development. Learn javascript from scratch without prior experience. We create small projects, large web applications, websites and much more! Content for all skill levels Up to 30 hours of content 5 awesome projects for your portfolio Source code for all projects
  • vijay - 5 months ago
    Thanks buddy.

  • Shaddy - 5 months ago

  • shipyard132 - 4 months ago
    download link?

  • Alex Ivanov - 4 months ago

  • Mo - 4 months ago
    Can we download the courses?

    Alex Ivanov - 4 months ago

  • miss - 3 months ago
    thank you very much :D

  • igouverneur - 3 months ago
    bro you are a legend for me you will go to heaven bcs of thsi videos idont have money to buy and you save my life thanks so much

  • Sofia - 2 months ago
    Thank you so much for sharing! Could u please share the materials? The current link is not working :( I would really appreciate it!!

  • sunhour001 - 1 month ago
    Meterials link is broken, pls fix, thank you before

  • Dan - 1 month ago
    #105 & #106 videos those videos are not completed it says in the official website Start2. IIFE (2:26) Start3. Closures (5:47) and here 104# IIFE 02:26 105# Closures 01:57 ?? Tks but

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