The complete React Fullstack course ( 2nd edition )

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Do you want to see the whole process of creating your application? Then this course is for you. Take your skill to the next level with React, Node js, MongoDB, Firebase, Webpack and ES6.   We will start from the very beginning, starting with “I don’t even know how to use it ... and why do I need it” to really understand how React works and make it communicate with other technologies such as Firebase and Node js. You will learn all the logic and practice of React in different modules, and as we progress along the course, we will increase the complexity of our tasks. Since I believe that the best way to fully learn something is to write it, after each important section we will practice everything with some projects of the course, and after you have a strong React database, we will go to servers and databases, Redux and deploy the applications to production. We will use ES6, the latest version of javascript. Don't know ES6? Do not sweat, there is a full bonus section where we show you all the magic of ES6. To summarize ... here is what you will learn in this course: The very basics of React. How logic is established. As soon as you learn the basics of the React, we will go into confusion. Once you have a strong React base, we will create a full practice project. We will understand technologies such as Firebase, and we will advance our practical project to production. Everyone uses Redux, so we will learn how to use redux with our React applications. If you do not want to use Firebase, we will learn how Node js works and how to create a server. Since our application will need a database, you will learn how to use MongoDB and mongoose. Apply security, authentication, restrict routes, hash passwords and JWT. We will create a second hands-on project using React, Redux, Node Server, and MongoDB. Of course, we will explore the whole process of publishing your application using Heroku, Git, and Github. Webpack is part of fullstack, so we will discuss the basics of Webpack. You also get the full ES6 course. How about teacher experience? Over 10 years, I have created many applications for small projects and large companies such as Citi, Fox, Disney and much more. Today I work as a developer for a large company that mainly develops applications in React or Angular, but I like to teach in my free time. About the target audience? This course is for almost everyone, but a bit of Javascript is required. We will use ES6, but you can learn on the go. If you want to transfer your skill to a new level - this course is clearly for you.
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