Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

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Language : ENG Duration : 21:42:42 Videos : 120 Author : Udemy

What Will I Learn? Modular learning sections & 10 real world projects with pure JavaScript Master the DOM (document object model) WITHOUT jQuery Asynchronous programming with Ajax, Fetch API, Promises & Async / Await OOP including ES5 prototypes & ES2015 classes Learn JavaScript Patterns Regular expressions, error handling, localStorage & more Requirements Basic HTML / CSS knowledge Description This is a front to back JavaScript course for absolutely everybody. We start with the basic fundamentals and work our way to advanced programming WITHOUT relying on frameworks or libraries at all. You will learn a ton of pure JavaScript, whether you are a beginner or an established JS programmer. There is something for everyone… #### WHATS INCLUDED? #### Basics & Fundamentals: Data types, let & const variables, functions, conditionals, loops, object literals, arrays, etc DOM Manipulation: Selectors, traversing the DOM, show/hide, creating & removing elements, event listeners OOP: ES5 prototypes, inheritance, ES2015 classes & sub-classes, constructors Async JS: Ajax & XHR, Fetch API, callbacks, promises, async / await ES2015+: Arrow functions, template strings, generators, iterators, maps & sets, symbols & more JavaScript Patterns: Module, Factory, State, Observer, Mediator, Singleton Other: Local & session storage, regular expressions, try/catch error handling 10 Projects of all kinds #### PROJECTS #### Task List With Local Storage Loan Calculator Number Guess Game OOP Book Listing App (ES5 Prototype & ES2015 Classes Version) Chuck Norris Joke Generator EasyHTTP – Custom HTTP Library (3 Versions – Callbacks / Promises / Async & Await) Github Finder WeatherJS App Calorie Tracker (Module Pattern) Microposts – Frontend CRUD for REST API (Webpack & Babel)   Who is the target audience? People that want to learn modern JavaScript from beginner to advanced without libraries and frameworks
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