Microservices with Node JS and React

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Create, deploy, and scale an e-commerce application using microservices created using Node, React, Docker, and Kubernetes. Event based architecture? Covered! Server side rendering with React? Yeah. Scalable, ready-to-use code? It's here! Microservices is the number one solution for creating and scaling applications designed for growth. Only one small problem: there are few resources on the Internet that deal with the most complex and unpleasant problems around them! I built this course to fix it. This course addresses all the major issues related to microservices. From problems with data replication to the confusion of disordered flow of events, all the major problems of building microservices are covered. In addition to learning the basics of microservices, this course is an ideal introduction to the world of full-stack development. You will work from the frontend interface, building the React application using hooks, to the backend interface, including database development and deployment strategies. Each step along this path is described in great detail, with many diagrams ensuring that each step is crystal clear. Many other resources show only the simplest applications written on microservices. This course works the other way around: we focus on the most complex aspects of microservices, the tasks you are likely to face every day. You will see these difficulties first hand, and then solve them using easy-to-understand strategies. How does this course work This course does not focus on using a ready-made microservice infrastructure. Many exist, but they hide from you the inner workings and problems of microservices. Instead, we will use the minimum number of libraries and write as much user code as possible. This will expose you to complex problems and smart decisions when working with objects such as asynchronous events! What technologies will you use Since we are creating a full-stack application, we will use various technologies. On the external interface, we will use React and Next JS to present content to users. Each service is created using Node and Express. Data for each service is stored either in the Mongo database or in Redis. The entire application is deployed and runs in Docker containers running in a Kubernetes cluster. Finally, almost all of the code in this course is written using Typescript. This is a scary tech list! Not familiar with some of them? No problems! The course is built on the condition that you are only familiar with the basics of Javascript and Express. No other knowledge is required - you will find out everything you need to know. What can you do By the time you finish this course, you will be able to: Design a multi-service application Determine if your application is suitable for a microservice approach Understand and solve the problems of asynchronous, event-based communication between services Use Docker and Kubernetes to Deploy a Multi-Service Application on Any Cloud Provider Organize and improve code reusability in large projects What do you learn Practice patterns for creating scalable microservices for different areas of applications. Build a server side React application using Hooks and Next JS Write a custom implementation of the event bus If desired, you can run the development environment through a cloud provider. You can guarantee consistently structured responses from your various APIs. Best practices in communication between different services Configure and scale your services using Kubernetes Deployments Documenting and applying structural constraints for events shared by microservices Limit access to your APIs with JWT-based authentication And much more!
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    Course needs to be updated! Over 15 Hours of content is missing ...

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    oh no. what episode are you on? i just started 9

    youSerious - 6 months ago
    @blah is right, the course should be updated! personally i'm on lecture 150 or so... so i have enough videos to watch until i'll reach the missing videos...

  • chirag pipaliya - 5 months ago
    hello sir please update the course its humble request

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    User1 - 5 months ago
    Thank you man, good job

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    youSerious - 5 months ago
    course need an update again, please.

  • chirag pipaliya - 5 months ago
    thank you so much sir :-)

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    please update the course, 2 important sections are missing

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    Please Please Update This Course!!!

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