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Language : ENG Duration : 21:51:17 Videos : 218 Author : Udemy

This course crams months of computer science and interviews prep material into 20 hours of video. I cover the exact same computer science content that has helped my students ace interviews at huge companies like Google, Tesla, Amazon, and Facebook. Nothing is watered down for an online audience; this is the real deal ?I start by teaching you how to analyze your code’s time and space complexity using Big O notation.  We cover the ins and outs of Recursion.  We learn a 5-step approach to solving any difficult coding problem. Implement popular searching algorithms. We write 6 different sorting algorithms: Bubble, Selection, Insertion, Quick, Merge, and Radix Sort. Here’s why this course is worth your time: It’s interactive –  I give you a chance to try every problem before I show you my solution. Every single problem has a complete solution walkthrough video as well as an accompanying solution file. I cover helpful “tips and tricks” to solve common problems, but we also focus on building an approach to ANY problem. It’s full of animations and beautiful diagrams!
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