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Welcome to the best course on the planet for using Docker with Node.js! With your basic knowledge of Docker and Node.js in hand, Docker Mastery for Node.js is a course for anyone on the Node.js path. This course will help you master them together. I'm your instructor Bret, an Award Winning Docker Captain, DevOps community leader, and a bestselling Udemy author. I built this course for you because I live and breathe Docker containers, and I've enjoyed using Node.js since 2012. They work great together, and I'll show you how! Learn the cutting edge features of Docker in 2019 that will make your Node.js apps build faster, smaller, and run more securely and reliability. Containers and Node.js are two of the hottest and most popular topics in tech. It's just as important to know what not to do, as well the best ways to use Node.js in Docker, and I teach a huge amount of info in this course for do's and don'ts with Node.js in Docker. You want assignments? We go through assignments using all sorts of Node.js + Docker setups. Single-container CLI apps, database-backed web apps, Express.js, hapi.js, distributed micro-service apps, Angular, Websockets, HTTP Proxies, MongoDB with proper connection shutdown, and more. Some of the many cool things you'll do in this course: Build Node.js Images that auto-scan for security vulnerabilities Use Docker's cutting-edge BuildKit with SSH Agents and NPM Caches for better image building Use docker-compose with Visual Studio Code for full Node.js debug support in Docker Ensure you're using all the latest features of Docker Desktop Use BuildKit and Multi-stage Builds to create minimal and flexible Dockerfiles Build custom Node.js images using distro's like CentOS and Alpine Test Docker init, tini, and Node.js as a PID 1 process in containers Create Node.js apps that properly startup and respond to healthchecks Build graceful shutdown code into your apps for zero-downtime deploys Dig into HTTP connections with orchestration, and how Proxies can help Study examples of Docker Swarm and Kubernetes deployments for Node.js Migrate traditional (legacy) Node.js apps into containers Simplify your microservice solutions with advanced Docker Compose features
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